ExCeL provides London with a world-class, state-of-the-art venue with 90,000 sq m of spectacular event space.

Set within a stunning waterfront environment in the dynamic and thriving Docklands, just a stone's throw away from Canary Wharf, ExCeL is suitable for a combination of exhibitions, conferences, meetings, banquets and special events.

Whether you wish to host a Board Meeting for 8 people or a Communications event for several thousand, ExCeL has a deluxe solution to your requirement. Intimate Events are hosted (with an eye on detail) in contemporary waterside rooms accessed from a landscaped promenade.

Corporate Communications events are hosted in large column free event halls which are enhanced by a sophisticated IT & communication infrastructure ensuring ultimate business connectivity and the ability for events to have real worldwide impact.

Stylish bars, cafés and restaurants and coming on-stream on-site hotels and a nightclub make for a truly exciting lifestyle destination.

An experience to enjoy.

How to choose a Web Positioning company?

What is the Best Web Positioning Company? I am sure that this is the question that most entrepreneurs ask when they begin to realize that they need to hire an SEO company  to appear in the top positions of Google.And the truth is that the answer is not as simple as it might seem, because it depends on a number of factors. And yes, I could tell you that Quiwiq is the best positioning company that you are going to find, but I would be being arrogant and I do not think that is the correct way to approach this article, since the positioning web is a field of work with many parcels , And it is difficult, if not impossible, to find a company that is the best in all of them. However, if we can say,

Therefore, what I am going to do in this article is to offer you a small guide of what are the main aspects that you must take into account when choosing the seo optimization brisbane company . And with that, I hope to be able to offer you the help you need, so that at least, even if you do not hire the best positioning company, if you hire a good company, that on the other hand, it could be us.

Research on your own: conducting an own research on what is the positioning of the web  is always advisable, as it will help you understand what the basic principles on which the positioning is based  and will serve to hold you accountable . You must understand that web positioning is a job that requires certain levels of technical knowledge, but do not let yourself be overwhelmed by anyone who claims to be an expert, if you do not understand something, ask them to explain it to you, and if they can not explain something to you, Distrust of that company.

Be clear beforehand what you want to achieve: you must  carry out an analysis of your needs. Of course, the ultimate goal of every business is to sell and get the most relevant visitors possible, but you must understand that the more keywords you want to position yourself the more expensive the services, because more work is required. Therefore, I recommend that you look for three, four or five terms relevant to your business and start focusing on them. Of course, I am not referring to terms like “your brand”, but to keywords related to your sector or what your company offers. This will save you time and money. Once your web is well positioned for those words, it will be time to start thinking about others,

Compare prices and services:   analyze what is offered by each company and compare. Do not trust companies with excessively low prices or those companies that assure you that after paying X amount of money will get five, ten or a hundred thousand visits to your website during the next two weeks. There are countless ways to do that and none serves the purposes that interest you, improve the SEO of your company. What’s more, what you should expect from a good SEO company is that you make a budget tailored depending on your website and work to do. Yes, there are many companies that have closed web positioning packages. What’s more, we have such Web-Positioning plans, but in most cases they only serve as a guide,

Ask them how they are going to get it and what guarantees they will give you:   my personal experience tells me that both Onsite optimization and Offsite optimization are important. But the Onsite optimization must be carried out first and if it is not the Offsite optimization it ends up serving little. What in my opinion should every web positioning company offer its clients is periodic reports with the work done and the evolution of the website in the search engines. Of course, the guarantees will always depend on factors such as competition, the starting situation of your website and the time spent working on SEO. Every web is a world, but the least you should be assured is that your website will improve your positions over time and that, almost certainly,

Having said that, all that remains to be said is that I hope the article has helped you to clarify this doubt ; If you want to contact us to ask us for a web positioning budget, we will be happy to answer all your questions, and if you want, we will make a budget to you.

How Business Secrets and Infomations Are Protected

Unlike the rest of industrial property titles, business secrets are protected without registration, that is, protected without procedural formalities. Consequently, a business secret can be protected for an unlimited period of time.

For all of the above, the protection of secrets may be particularly attractive to SMEs.

SMEs make widespread use of business secrets. In fact, many SMEs rely almost exclusively on business secrets to protect their intellectual property (although in many cases they are not aware that trade secrets are legally protected against unlawful disclosure). It is therefore essential to ensure that companies take all necessary measures to effectively protect their business secrets.

Among the measures to maintain the confidentiality of business secrets, we can find some of legal and other facts of a factual nature.

Legal protection:

(I) Include agreements on confidentiality in employee contracts. It is recommended to make sure that only a limited number of people know the secret and that they are aware that it is confidential information. Notwithstanding the above, care must be taken with the norms that regulate inventions arising during the employment relationship, since they are inalienable rules for the worker that still exist above contractual stipulations;

(Ii) Mark the documents that contain trade secrets with indications like “confidential” and “not copy”, being thus covered by the presumption of copyright;

(Iii) Signing non-disclosure agreements with commercial partners whenever confidential information is communicated to them. Violation of these contractual rules could result in compensation for damages to the offender;

And (iv) Consider whether a trade secret can be protected by an officially registered industrial property right, such as a patent or you can visit the deltaextranet.org they can provide it, and if so, whether it would not be better protected in this way.

Factual protection:

(i) Adopt a security and information protection program throughout the company;

(Ii) Educate employees on company policy regarding the disclosure of confidential information with clear definitions and guidelines on how to access, manage, protect, distribute, label and / or disclose confidential information;

(Iii) Identify trade secrets and prioritize them in accordance with their value and importance;

(Iv) Ensure that only a limited number of people are aware of or have access to confidential information of value to the enterprise, and that those in this situation are well aware that it is confidential information;

(V) Establish an effective security system to manage digital information on the company’s Intranet, with technical measures, programs and encryption that limits access to classified information, a system for monitoring communication and disclosure of information, and System to prevent or track access to confidential information;

The seven robots in a professional kitchen and how to make the most of them at home

Undoubtedly, there are many differences between appliances and utensils that exist in the kitchens of restaurants and those that we can use in our home, but there are increasingly versions of home quality and simple use that can help us in our culinary tasks. Today we will talk about the seven robots in a professional kitchen and how to make the most of them at home.

We will analyze best mini food processors, vacuum packers and baking utensils, low temperature cooking appliances, cutters and more to see how to use them routinely in our home.

Food processors

We all know how comfortable it is to put the food in a glass of a robot and that it is in charge of cutting, chopping, heating and cooking the food , without hardly having to intervene anything other than to regulate temperature or speed. This explains the success of food processors or more complete robots like Thermomix and other similar products.

In the restaurants, the process robots are hardly used in these cooking functions, although they are used to turbine or grind foods and to obtain ideal textures in creams and purees , or to elaborate perfect crumbles and crushed. In addition to Thermomix in its different versions, we find other similar robots such as Mycook Tauros or Kenwood , all of great quality.

In Moulinex , we can find a similar robot in performance, the Cuisine Companion forunder 700 euros and another single called Cookeo, which actually is a programmable pot which also gives us many options to save time in the kitchen from Of 180 euros.


To cut food, in addition to using the best kitchen knives or professional mandolins , there are also robots that help us process, chop or chop food. From the larger choppers and their adaptations for the home, to the slabs for making very thin laminates and carpaccios, there are many devices that help us with these tasks.

Personally, for me domestic cutters that are more practical they are mandolins quality and some choppers to make homemade mincemeat or not mourn when we cut onions . For this type of work, we find meat mincers from 25 euros that can do us the task perfectly, among the classics like the popular Picadora Moulinex .

Ronner and low temperature cooking

Controlled cooking at low temperatures causes some foods to be processed during cooking, as the proteins are gelling to produce tender, flavorful foods. This technique is performed in restaurants by cooking the vacuum packed foods in the roner bucket , selecting the desired temperature and time.

There are many low temperature cooking appliances suitable for domestic cooking , under the names of homemade roner or sous vide oven , among which we have selected the Severin oven and the Sous Vide Supreme , with which you can start in this new Cooking technique at reasonable prices.

Vacuum Food Container

To cook vacuum foods, it is necessary to pack them first, for which you need a machine that extracts the air and seals the bag in which the food is going to cook. This task is done in large machines that seal the food bags in the restaurants but there are domestic versions that come in very well at home, since we will not only use them for vacuum cooking, but to store food and help to preserve them More time in good condition.

Among the vacuum packaging machines for domestic use , we recommend the Lacor Home, for about 55 euros or those of Jata , with a price of 115 euros, although in the market there is a huge range that goes from 25 euros to over 600 depending on the quality chosen.

At the price of vacuum machines must be added the bags in which food is stored to seal it with the machine.

Ice cream makers and Pacojet

The ice creams and sorbets incredible flavors are made in restaurants using a device called Pacojet performing freezing and whipping food, transforming them into various ice cream.

The price of one of these devices escapes a domestic budget, but luckily, there are ice cream machines of different prices and qualities that help us prepare the best homemade ice cream also in our home. We have found these options.

If you want a refrigerator with built-in motor and built-in freezer compartment, you can choose Lacor , which prepares the ice cream in less than an hour. If you are looking for a more economical choice , for just 35 euros, the Sogo refrigerator prepares ice cream from frozen fruit or as an intermediate option, you can choose the Princess Ice Cream for less than 50 euros.

Mixers-kneading machines

All pastry enthusiasts dream of a good mixer – maker who is able to make whipped cream or egg whites, to knead and to make masses of breads and cakes and to do all those tasks that require some time and effort. There are many robots that do these functions with more or less accessories but there is one that is the reference among professionals: Kitchen Aid .

With similar designs and slightly more accessible prices, we find other very similar robots that can do the same tasks as Bosch , Kenwood or Electrolux , with which you can practically perform the same functions and that we have found good prices for This section.

Grills and Salamanders

These appliances are used in professional restaurants to gratin or give a heat stroke to the dishes at the time before being served and domestic level can be replaced by gratiners or simply by the use of that function of gratinar that have included all the ovens Conventional.

An electric salamander of the professional type such as that of the image, of Bartscher , can surpass the 2000 euros, but we find other also very good like this one of the Lincat Linx brand with a price that is around 500 euros, although there are gratiners very economic that we can Find for less than 40 euros, like the mini oven gratinador of Soco and others similar.

Obviously, most of these products I teach you today are homemade versions of professional appliances and are designed for domestic use, both in quantities of food to handle and in working hours. I myself have some of these products to perform the most usual tasks in my kitchen. And you, do you have any of these kitchen robots or are you dreaming of having one in your kitchen ?


Gunsmithing is a course that is preferred by very few students who are not much Gunsmithing schools out there for other courses. But, if you wish to remain carrier in arms manufacturers it is essential to enroll in a better school of gun manufacturers. Here are some tips to help you find the best gun maker school.

Search the Internet: The Internet is the best place to get any information. Search through the internet for the best school of gun manufacturers in http://www.wikiprofessional.org/Top_Gunsmithing_Schools. There you can get a great list of schools. You can find web directories that contain information about the various London schools. So, search the web directories to find the best Gunsmithing schools. Now, limit your search based on your requirements, such as location, price, curriculum etc. Visit the website of each school you get to know about your curriculum. If you can not find any information about the course, simply mail them by asking them for the course curriculum of weapons manufacturers. Most schools offer it for free.

Talk to Tips for Finding the Best Gunsmithing Schoolspeople who completed the gunsmithing course: People who completed the gunsmithing course can give suggestions by choosing a university that best suits their needs. They even give you opinions about the school in which they have been studied. You can get more information from your friends who completed Gunsmithing schools in UK.

Contact your local universities: few universities offer weapons manufacturers as a part-time course. So, ask at colleges within your area. If you get to know that the university is offering the course under the distance learning program then get in touch with the university’s distance learning cell to know the detailed information such as course duration, With charge, curriculum and credit system. 1,110 Gunsmithing Online Schools: If you can not find any school that offers the weapons manufacturers course in an area near you then try Gunsmithing online schools in UK. These schools carry all the necessary learning material and even the DVD for the practical sessions. With the course material and the DVD you can complete the tour from home. Online tutors will help you throughout the course.

After finding the school of your interest to investigate details such as fee structure, whether to pay once or in installments, duration of the course, number of credits needed to complete the course and attendance requirements.

Kayak Fishing in London

Fishing from a kayak, “Kayak Fishing “, is a new sport that gains more and more fans since besides being an activity that allows to be in contact with nature is quite accessible for anyone.

The Kayak fishing or tandem fishing kayak is a new form of sport fishing is practiced both on board kayaks and canoes and kayaks, making it possible to perform in rivers, streams, ponds and even some people already do in the drink .

Kayak Fishingn, fishing weekendIt is a type of recreational activity quite recent and that expands quickly in Europe as in the United States, also reaching South America in the specific case of Argentina, where it is becoming popular and already has some athletes who have an appreciable experience in the theme.

As for the type of boat, there is a great variety of proposals with different forms, types and sizes of kayaks, all of them focused on a special design for the sport fishing that makes them suitable and that take the name of sit-on-top “sit Above “, are usually short boats less than three meters and weighing approximately 20 kgs. For the simple and of 33 kgs. For doubles.

In addition, they have the peculiarity of being watertight, with a sealed air chamber, which makes them practically unsinkable, with a format that gives them stability and agility.

To begin to realize Kayak Fishing is necessary to take into account the type of fishing and the place where it is going to be realized, taking into account that like all sport in which one does not have practice will be necessary to learn its secrets to avoid problems, looking in principle places Simple as lagoons or quieter waters.

Spain has several places where Kayak Fishing is practiced among the London where many fans already spend many weekends to this outdoor sport, in contact with nature and exciting.

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